Thursday, September 29, 2011

Top 10 Consolations For Braves Fans

10) With any luck, that's the last time Derek Lowe can ever hurt you again

9) Chipper Jones is bound to come back healthier next year

8) Now you know that the team can fall apart without Bobby Cox

7) It's possible that you can somehow hate the Phillies even more now

6) You are certain to remember Craig Kimbrel for his rookie save record, and not his season-blowing save

5) You can always take pride in the fact that you aren't a Red Sox fan

4) As the Mets showed a few years ago, crushing September collapses don't ruin your up and coming young talent at all

3) It's not as if you were really counting on winning playoff games, or going to them

2) Let's face it: you'd rather watch Albert Pujols in a playoff series, too

1) You don't actually exist

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