Thursday, September 29, 2011

Top 10 Consolations for Red Sox Fans

10) With any luck, that's the last time Jonathan Papelbon can ever hurt you again

9) David Ortiz is bound to come back slimmer next year

8) Now you know that the team can fall apart just like in the good old days

7) It's possible that you can somehow hate the Yankees even more now for sending in the AAAA guys

6) You are certain to remember Jon Lester's year for more than God peeing on it

5) You can always take pride in the fact that you aren't a Brave Fan

4) Carl Crawford is going to come so cheap in your fantasy league next year

3) Even you take joy in all of the celebutard Red Sox fans that are going to be sad now

2) Admit it, you are secretly happy that you've got Most Historic Collapse to pule about in print for a few decades to get back your How We've Suffahed cred back

1) You stopped watching baseball weeks ago

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