Sunday, September 18, 2011

Top 10 NFL Week 2 Takeaways

10) Your best offensive play in 2011 might be just to let a defender take a free run at your QB, since there appears to be no way to tackle him that isn't a 15-yard flag

9) Much to the chagrin of fantasy football twerps, Rex Grossman remains a turnover machine, which is to say he remains Rex Grossman

8) With their second straight win, the Lions are hotter than they have been at any other point in this century

7) Now that Terrell Owens is out of the league, there is no player that attracts more sideline coverage than Jay Cutler

6) After two weeks, the Steelers and Ravens are tied for first in the AFC North, because Baltimore tends to forget that all of the games on the schedule count

5) Cam Newton is looking like the next great fantasy QB that doesn't actually win in real life

4) There is some truth to the rumor that the Bears OL just lets Jay Cutler get sacked because they hate him so much

3) With Jamal Charles and Arian Foster both going down, we might have set a record for fantasy owner howling

2) I, for one, welcome our new Detroit Overlords

1) You can watch football for a very long time without seeing a game-winning touchdown that was as easy as what the Bills did to the Raiders

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