Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the NBA season won't start on time

10) What with the MLB/NHL/NFL/CFB overlap, very few people are actually going to notice

9) The Association would rather protect the Maloof Goofs than the fans

8) David Stern is just that committed to increasing the public awareness of Turkish basketball, Rucker Park games, and the WNBA

7) Now that Yao Ming and his continent of fans and potential financial backers are no longer with us, no one really sees the point of continuing

6) The Association is banking on the idea that if the lockout just goes on long enough, people will transfer all of their LeBron James Hate over to the suits

5) If Shaquille O"Neal, with his legendary commitment to fitness and being ready for the opening bell, is no longer around, there's just no point to playing games before Christmas

4) Will need extra time to process this whole Ron Artest name change weirdness

3) It will give everyone a fresh chance to enjoy the college game, where there's very little of that distracting athleticism, realistic 3-point line, or one-on-one defensive ability to get in the way of the game

2) Unlike the NFL, the NBA is committed to the idea that their sport should shoot itself in both ears, then through the mouth

1) It's not as if there was any good momentum built up from the playoffs, or that people really want to see James and the Heat, the Mavs try to repeat, the continued emergence of Kevin Durant and the Thunder, the Amare/Carmelo Knicks, the traditional Laker-Celtic powerhouses or anything else that drove the Association's best playoff ratings in decades

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