Friday, September 9, 2011

Top 10 Saints-Packers Takeaways

10) You can still return kickoffs for touchdowns, especially if you wait to return a ball until midway through the third quarter, when the coverage teams have fallen asleep from the ridiculous new kickoff line rule

9) This wasn't exactly a cheerful game for Ryan Grant owners, seeing how James Starks looked better on just about every carry

8) Lost in the wash of this game was how Mark Ingram looked a lot better than Pierre Thomas, and how you probably don't really want to rely on either

7) If you drafted either of these defenses in your fantasy league, you're probably not real happy

6) On some level, you have to love Saints TE Jimmy Graham's FU championship belt TD celebration

5) Now that the Packers have a dynamic kick returner, they could be good

4) You've never heard a NT from a team that gives up 34 points get more love than BJ Raji did tonight

3) As good as Aaron Rodgers was tonight, Drew Brees was actually better, seeing how he did more with less help and more of a pass rush

2) This just in: Saints PK John Kasey is old, and you will need to hear about this before each and every kick for the rest of his professional life

1) Between not kicking the field goal or giving Drew Brees a chance to tie the game on the final play, Sean Payton gave me a lot of hope for out Reiding the Eagles coach in a playoff game

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