Sunday, September 18, 2011

Top 10 Week 2 NFL Ad Questions

10) If I shop for video games at Wal-Mart as part of my dead-end existence, do I have to also have slacker friends who break and enter my home?

9) Will Jennifer Lopez always perform a dance routine when she's pulled from her car by mobs of femme dancers, and how exactly does this sell cars again?

8) Will the creepy E*Trade baby ever grow the hell up?

7) Do I have to be an uberbitch to appreciate breakfasts from McDonald's?

6) Are horror movie trailers required to have that drag away moment in commercials now?

5) Is anyone else disturbed by how easily it is to believe Deion Sanders is a fairy?

4) Was anyone really waiting for Simon Cowell to come back to television?

3) When sharks are in a focus group, are they paid for their time in the meat of people who have eaten a Snickers?

2) If I drink Bud Light, will my friends arrange for me to suffer grievous harm, beyond the fact that I'm drinking Bud Light?

1) Does drinking Corona make you hallucinate, and if so, why is this a selling point?

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