Monday, September 19, 2011

Top 12 MNF Giants - Rams Takeaways

12) Starting 0-2 does not, in any way, hurt the Rams' drive to "win" the NFC West

11) It's really OK if you didn't watch, since this one had all of the electricity of Preseason Game Four

10) Even without Stephen Jackson and Danny Amendola, the Rams moved the ball up and down the field, because the Giants' secondary is just that hurt

9) The true breakout star of the Rams offense is kicker Josh Brown, because the Rams' red zone offense is just that poor

8) One of these years, DJ Ware is finally going to get those extra carries that Tom Coughlin always tells him he's going to get

7) As if there were any doubt, Giant Fan marked out for Lawrence Taylor, because they don't much care about tabloid this and rape that

6) The Rams have any number of WRs that would make you wonder if the UFL doesn't have more talent than this

5) For a double-digit home win where they led all night, the Giants subjected QB Eli Manning to a surprising number of big hits

4) St. Louis had good success in the first half in the no huddle, which of course meant that they didn't use it very often

3) Mercifully, the Giants killed the clock at the end of the game, allowing us all to get away from the awful MNF broadcast crew a little early

2) When you watch Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz drop third down balls, you realize just how much this team is going to miss Steve Smith and Kevin Boss

1) If you didn't fall asleep on this game, you either had money on it or have a lot of affinity for the laundry

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