Thursday, September 8, 2011

Top 12 reasons why the Jaguars cut David Garrard

12) Wanted him to go upstate to a farm where he can get fresh air and exercise

11) Got a really good line on the Texans winning the division

10) Seriously, he had three INTs in practice. No, seriously.

9) You get very few chances in this world to give a McNown a starting job

8) Garrard kept making that axe chopping move when he thought Jack del Rio wasn't looking

7) As the Byron Leftwich Experience shows, this is just how they do things in JVille

6) Short of a Maurice Jones Drew injury, this is just about the only thing that would get the team some publicity

5) Would rather lose 12 games with a white guy than 10 games with a black guy

4) By releasing Garrard now, they save $9 million in salary, which is to say, more money than the franchise is worth

3) If they had kept him, they wouldn't be able to get close and lose to the Colts, regardless of whether or not Peyton Manning is active

2) They really wanted to make this move last year, but McNown got hurt before he could prove that he's also horrible

1) Garrard might have prevented Blaine Gabbert from starting the second half of the year, which McNown never will

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