Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Top 12 takeaways from the Full Tilt Poker mess

12) If you think that the government is too incompetent to run a poker game instead of these guys, you must not have ever heard of the lottery

11) That clicking sound you just heard is brick and mortar casinos rubbing their hands together in glee

10) We are supposed to feel very, very bad for famous poker players who got paid huge bank to front for thieves

9) Players who were defrauded are bound to stop bitching about this in just a couple of decades

8) In case you want to blame the Obama Administration for this alone, it was the Bushies who drove payment to the black market in 2007 by going after the financial companies

7) Since Howard Lederer is also in hot water over this, and the sister of Annie Duke, maybe the feds can go for a group family rate and give us a silver lining after all

6) Your home game just got more popular, and with wildly aggro players with even worse skin than your regulars

5) There are literally hundreds of guys who now won't be able to make the basement rent payment to Mom

4) Had the online poker sites only had the foresight to get into the mortgage business, there would have been federal bailouts rather than indictments

3) This is totally going to make the final table at the next WSOP Main Event be comprised of a bunch of guys you've never seen before

2) It's a remarkable story, if only for the fact that white men with money are getting prosecuted in the United States

1) We are shocked, shocked to discover that when you combine gambling with offshore companies and the Internet, something untoward might have been going on

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