Monday, September 12, 2011

Top 20 takeaways from Eagles-Rams

20) When you are trying to work out a fourth quarter comeback with AJ Feeley, Cadillac Williams and Brandon Gibson, you had better not be playing an NFL game

19) Sam Bradford needs help, and more than that, truly deserves it

18) The best way to sack Michael Vick is to blitz him with a cornerback, since only the CB is going to have the quicks to stay with him

17) I'm not sure how Jim Washburn turned Jason Babin into Trent Cole II, but I'm very happy that he has

16) Your sneaky fantasy football TE play of Rams rookie Lance Kendricks would have worked out much better if he didn't coat his hands with butter before the game

15) The Vick to DeSean Jackson touchdown pass was one of those plays that could only be made by, well, Vick and Jackson

14) The Rams handed out little American flags on sticks that did not have the origin of the manufacturing country on them

13) While the Rams' dome is loud, it's not four delay of games in a first half loud

12) After just one game of Nmandi Asomugha on the defense, I can't imagine life without him

11) The Rams don't have many fans that come dressed in costume, but those that do look just adorable with horns on their heads, provided they aren't terrifying she-beasts who appear to have come to some middle point of Viking Fan and Raider Fan

10) Next week, the Eagles coaches should show the kickoff returners the footage from this game, rather than that 108-yard touchdown from the Packers-Saints game, and reiterate that Taking A Knee Is OK

9) The Eagles picked up five sacks today, many of them of the "The QB's Dead! You Bastards!" variety

8) If the opposing teams are going to have missed field goals and dropped balls from the TE every week, we might have a very different year after all

7) Ram Fan does not believe in their team at all, and given what they've seen since the Greatest Show On Turf days, you can hardly blame them

6) At some point, someone needs to renumber the Eagle linebackers to something more appropriate to their tackling and coverage prowess, like maybe in the kicker range

5) There was one WR in this entire game that looked good, and even DeSean Jackson dropped a highly catchable deep ball that could have gone for a long score

4) If it's going to take 1-2 quarters for the offensive line to start wining individual battles, Vick's not going to see December -- and the way he plays, you really shouldn't have him out there with an 18-point lead in the fourth

3) This is a wildly different game if the Rams don't gift a defensive touchdown with a backfield fumble for score, but those plays don't just happen by chance, either

2) Eagles rookie kicker Alex Henery didn't record many touchbacks, kept hitting the uprights in pregame, and remains the ticking time bomb of close game doom, doom I say

1) Either the refs overcalled this game, or both defenses are super stinky cheaters on third down


snd_dsgnr said...

I really don't know if there's another QB in the league right now that could make that offense work behind that line.

DMtShooter said...

Absolutely. The amazing thing to all of us is that we know this, but Andy Reid doesn't. If you just ran the ball more often, even this line would pass block better...

Dirty Davey said...

You left out: If the Eagles can continue to have the opposing team's starting RB get injured on his first play from scrimmage, their run defense might be just bad rather than world-historical awful.

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