Sunday, September 18, 2011

Top 21 Eagles - Falcons Takeaways

21) Rex Grossman is the undefeated QB of the NFC East division leaders, which is one of those reasons why your old relatives idea that these are the End Times might not be wrong

20) NBC told the Falcons to go back to being a limited run-first team, as if this was going to be any kind of a bad idea against the Eagles run defense

19) Andy Reid actually won a challenge, and the world didn't end or nothing

18) NBC covered Brent Celek's injury as if he were actually fantasy relevant

17) For the second straight week, the Eagles fell behind early in a loud dome and didn't seem to care

16) Steve Smith looks awfully spry for a guy that should be on a PUP list

15) LeSean McCoy has a clear knack for drawing face mask penalties

14) It's scary just how much better this team is at run blocking than pass blocking

13) There's not much evidence that Mike Vick knew which team he was playing for tonight

12) The Eagles are the best defense you have ever seen that do not have a single useful linebacker or safety

11) The replay booth officials really wanted the on the field guys to enjoy their work for no reason tonight

10) Jason Peters blocked a CB 30 yards off the line of scrimmage on a touchdown run, ensuring his next Pro Bowl nomination

9) For the second straight year, Dunta Robinson showed he's better at Human Cannonball than playing cornerback

8) If you can figure out why Atlanta would defend wide on a first and goal at the 2 with Mike Kafka at QB, rather than sell out to stop the run, you are smarter than me

7) Atlanta Fan was angrier with a QB that threw 4 TDs in a game than you've ever heard

6) We've proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt. that Alex Henery is not Sebastian Janikowski

5) Jason Babin had a drive where he committed three penalties and reminded everyone that he is, in fact, Not Nearly As Good As Trent Cole

4) You really don't want to commit penalties on point afters now, since they make the automatic touchback into an automatic touchback

3) For all of the good that Jeremy Maclin did tonight, the only thing that anyone is going to remember is his game ending drop

2) If you can figure out this result, with the yards earned, turnovers, schizophrenic defense and 4 TD passes given up, you are better than me

1) This wasn't exactly the homecoming Mike Vick envisioned


snd_dsgnr said...

Tough break losing your QB on a fluke play like that, though Kafka looked more impressive in relief last night than I can ever recall Mr. Dream Team looking.

Maybe the NFL should start tracking penalties for leading with the helmet. Sort of like yellow cards in soccer, if you were penalized for that earlier then the next time you get flagged for doing the same thing you're automatically ejected.

DMtShooter said...

Having Mike Vick means never feeling too confident that your QB is going to finish the game...

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