Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Top 21 Week 1 NFL Takeaways

21) Sebastian Janikowski connected from an NFL-record tying 63 yards, causing thousands of fantasy football fans to pule that they didn't get any bonus for a field goal of more than 50

20) There's really no reason to think that Green Bay won't win the Super Bowl again

19) If Donovan McNabb had retired instead of leaving Philadelphia, his Hall of Fame candidacy would seem a whole lot better right now

18) Someone forgot to tell the Dolphins that the weather in South Florida is supposed to be to their advantage

17) If you'd like to go to an Indianapolis game this year and/or buy a Kerry Collins jersey, Colts Fan is pricing to sell

16) By losing by 34 at home to the Bills, Todd Haley and the Chiefs had their 2010 AFC West division crown retroactively removed

15) It turns out that the Steelers and Ravens don't have to play tight games after all

14) The Niners-Seahawks game was decided by Ted Ginn Jr., just in case you were tempted to draw some sort of significance from it

13) Cam Newton already has more career yards than JaMarcus Russell and Jimmy Claussen

12) Kevin Kolb had over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns with no picks for the Cards, and actually didn't throw everything to Larry Fitzgerald

11) The traditional second half of the season collapse from the Giants came a little early this year

10) The Browns proved that when you are playing a team with a bad rookie QB, it's really best to make sure he ends the game healthy

9) Matt Ryan threw for the emptiest 300 yards, and Michael Turner ran for the most meaningless 100 yards, you ever did see in their loss to the Bears

8) Now that there's automatic instant replay on every touchdown, Andy Reid's capacity for worthless challenges has dropped dramatically

7) Miami's goal line offense of 100% Fade Routes isn't exactly intimidating

6) Tom Brady threw for over 500 yards, and Chad Ochocinco still sucked

5) In the battle of national tragedies, 9/11 Pentagon beat 9/11 WTC, but 9/11 WTC beat '63 Grassy Knoll

4) Five games had both QBs throw for over 300 yards, so if you don't like pinball, you really need to go find another game to watch

3) If you want to make the Arian Foster owner in your fantasy league hurl, just start listing the similarities that their high pick has to Steve Slaton

2) While you might think that the Broncos and Raiders just don't like each other from the rampant penalties and cheap shots, it's more along the lines of shameless flirting

1) Dallas Fan might say that they haven't lost faith in Tony Romo, but we all know they are lying

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