Friday, October 28, 2011

12 World Series Game Six Takeaways

12) If you aren't sick of the "This could be the last time Albert Pujols does X" meme, you might not be human

11) The ticking time bomb that is Nefty Feliz's poor control finally went boom

10) When in doubt, the Cardinals should hit the ball to the fat kid in right

9) Tony LaRussa's players are so used to his over-managing that his pitchers are accustomed to game on the line at bats

8) Whether you are a Rangers' fan or not, watching Sad Nolan Ryan is kind of fun

7) If you are one of those tedious people who go on about how 1-0 games are the ultimate in drama, I'm glad you didn't watch this game

6) Any relapse in Josh Hamilton's future life in recovery can be traced back to not getting to be the World Series ending hero

5) If David Freese were as tough as Matt Holliday, he'd have gone on the DL from the home plate walk-off celebration

4) Pulling your last decent reliever for the pinch hitting magic that is Esteban German might not make Ron Washington's highlight reel

3) There were seven innings of baseball before this got really good, but no one needs to remember them

2) Being down to your last strike on two separate occasions and winning the game anyway might give the Cardinals some momentum

1) The idea that Jake Westbrook would be the winning pitcher might be the most improbable thing that happened in a game filled with improbable things

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