Sunday, October 9, 2011

30 Eagles - Bills Takeaways

30) Brian Billick thinks that perfect days for football means the weather is a factor

29) It was nice of Michael Vick to stare at Reggie Corner on his first INT, rather than tackle him, because he might have gotten hurt from that extra hit

28) Once more with feeling: why any team doesn't just run the ball every play against the Green "defense" amazes me

27) One fine day, the defense will not give up points in the red zone, or a score on the opening drive... but not in any game that will matter this year

26) Shockingly, throwing the ball to Brent Celek didn't result in a positive play

25) This team is a near-perfect resemblance of the Rams teams that fell apart... except, of course, that team actually won something before it turned to crap

24) It's a little bit telling that the team that was built on the line and secondary now feels moved to blitz

23) There's no truth to the rumor that Roger Goodell came to Buffalo so he could fine random chldren

22) Further proving that we are living in the End of Days, Coach For Life Andy Reid won a challenge

21) What analysts don't get about the accumulated damage done to Vick is that there's no way this team is going to be playing meaningful games late in the year, so the damage he's taking don't really matter

20) The roughing the passer call that produced seven gift points for Green was so obvious, it was even called against a mobile black QB

19) If you can find one useful player or coach on this defense right now, I'll give you a dollar

18) Looking on the bright side about the Vick TAInt, it prevented another red zone failure

17) For the record, the defense actually did have some three ands outs today, because it's either that or giving it up faster than a backwoods girl at Prom

16) Only the Eagles can give up 7 yards on a QB sneak

15) Ryan Fitzpatrick's INT to Jamar Cheney was the gift of the week, and the amazing thing is that Green gets one of these every week and still loses

14) Regardless of the home town clock, I have never seen a QB fail to throw the ball away in time to get a FG chance

13) It's not a question of whether the other team's RB will run for 100 yards, it's more of a matter of what quarter he'll break that mark

12) Reid doesn't talk to the media when the team trails at halftime, which means that he won't be talking for the rest of 2012

11) Wasn't this secondary supposed to be, say, able to cover a slant to a 4th WR from a banged-up WR corps for less than a 15 yard gain?

10) At this point, it's a wonder when Green makes the first tackle, not when they miss

9) On first and goal, Buffalo ran Wildcat, and still scored running straight up the middle, because you don't even need 11 men to run successfully up the gut on this sorry-ass defense

8) Vick set the all-time rushing mark for rushing yards by a QB, convincing his fantasy owners to take their heads out of the oven

7) It was Jason Avant's turn to make the back-breaking mistakes in this game, but at least he cried about it, so that's something

6) Just in case you stopped watching early, there was actually a red zone stop that forced a field goal, in the third quarter

5) DeSean Jackson's fourth quarter clear air turbulence score ensured more highlight film footage, which is important to this team

4) The fourth quarter three and out coverage sack for Cullen Jenkins actually looked like the effort of a good defensive team, or one that can blitz

3) I'd count the missed tackles today, but that would have interfered with my drinking

2) Shady McCoy's screen for a first down with five minutes left was the best 3-yard play ever

1) Juqua Parker game-ending jump offsides shows that this team is just too stupid for words, wins, or sober viewing

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