Sunday, October 2, 2011

30 Eagles - Niners Takeaways

30) Why any team doesn't just run the ball up the gut 30 times a game against my laundry astounds me

29) You have to love how Fox does not show a replay of the coverage on the first quarter INT against Vick and DeSean Jackson, especially after DJ puled for a flag rather than try to tackle the man

28) Calling a timeout to bring in a rookie QB to hand off on a long third down seems, well, curious

27) Should it really be called leveraged when you launch off your opponent when your opponent dives on the ground?

26) Watching David Akers miss and get blocked reminded me of, well, the last few years

25) When I talk about Vick being an artist, the touchdown Houdini act to Clay Harbor is something to put in a frame. Unfortunately, art is not winning

24) As the Josh Morgan touchdown showed, targeting Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is the way to go right now

23) I'd really like to watch one Eagles game this year without a half dozen looks at Vick on the sideline working out various maladies

22) There can't be anything good happening for a defense when 3rd and 14 is routinely wiped by the QB scrambling

21) That sound you heard was the 14 remaining Brent Celek fantasy football owners who are paying attention wailing over Harbor getting touches
20) If you have any idea what Ronnie Brown was trying to do with a pass while being tackled on a third and inches dive, please let the rest of us know

19) The field mic picking up an Eagles fan screaming, "Oh my God, what's wrong with you, Brown? What's wrong with you? I hope you get cut!" spoke for all of us, really

18) Given the team's turnover issues, laterals on punt returns don't seem terribly wise

17) Any other QB in the league, the late hit on the sideline gets called; any other network, the replay is also shown

16) Given how easy it is to get a touchback now, short kicks to avoid Ted Ginn Jr. seem really silly

15) I'm not sure you announce a game with Alex Smith without using the word "hapless" at some point

14) It says something that your best red zone offensive hope is to avoid turnovers and/or missed field goals

13) Frank Gore's fantasy owners must have appreciated that remarkably pointless end of first half play calling

12) In 30-plus years of watching this laundry, I've never seen a more inconsistent defense

11) Teaching the safety to go for the big hit on the sideline fly, leading to a whiff and more yards, is starting to seem like a planned technique

10) I'm still not sure why Jeremy Maclin's catch was disallowed

9) Alex Henery will have better days, but they might be in a different league, laundry, or profession

8) The refs really liked telling us when Alex Smith wasn't intentionally grounding the ball

7) When 3rd and 7 is a toss sweep that's all but guaranteed to work, your defense sucks

6) If you have any evidence that Andy Reid and Juan Castillo knows what they are doing, please share it with the rest of the class

5) If blowing a 20-3 second half home lead against a team that hasn't won back to back road games since the Bush Administration doesn't get you canned, I don't know what will

4) Eagle Fan started chanting "Let's Go, Phillies" in the fourth quarter, because he's really not as stupid as you think he is

3) If you are going to blow every game in the fourth quarter, you might as well cut to the chase and quit earlier

2) The really nice thing about this loss is that you know exactly what Reid will say afterward, and that the players will still think they are better than the final score

1) I officially hate this collection of gutless pretty boys who can't stop the run, stand up to negative momentum, protect a lead, win a challenge or do much of anything but amass fantasy statistics between the 20s

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