Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Dirty Dozen World Series Takeaways

12) When a good offensive team comes from one run down in the ninth inning on the road to win Game Two, it must mean that the other team chocked

11) Tight, crisp and wonderfully dramatic baseball is about to go the hell away, and thank goodness

10) Both team's closers have more stuf than control or brains

9) If you want to shut down the game's two best offenses, just turn the thermostat down to the mid '50s

8) Fox believes that you can't live without Nolan Ryan reaction shorts, and lots of them

7) In a 2-1 game in the ninth, Tony LaRussa was down to his last position player on the bench, which is to say he managed it just like any other game

6) If Ian Kinsler is a hair slower on his ninth inning stolen base, the Cardinals lead 2-0

5) A funny thing happened on the way to LaRussa outmanaging Ron Washington every game, otherwise known as counting on Arthur Rhodes

4) Albert Pujols nicking the baseball on a play that results in an extra base is a much bigger problem than Jason Motte failing to get outs to close the game

3) The Cardinal offense looks a lot more manageable when the other team doesn't kick the ball all over the yard

2) The game actually ended at a decent hour, mostly because there was precious little offense

1) Much to the relief of the middle of America, this series is going to go long

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