Monday, October 31, 2011

40 Eagles - Cowboys Takeaways

40) Between the '20s, there is no better offense in NFL history than this Eagles team

39) Jason Peters clearly gets his rocks off when he gets to block a cornerback

38) That first Dallas series on defense proved that Buddy only raised one son, and kept this one in the crawl space

37) I keep waiting to see why Alex Henery was a high draft pick, or employed

36) The first sack of Tony Romo was Aikman-esque in its concussive potential

35) The second sack of Romo was shocking in that Dallas didn't get a bailout flag for a late hit

34) Dallas punter Mat McBriar was limited by his lack of a second T

33) if you had 6 minutes in the first quarter for the first inexplicably wasted timeout in this week's Eagles mistake pool, you win

32) And... if you had a false start after the timeout, you get double bonus points

31) Vick nearly fumbled and ran for 11 yards on a play that defined his existence

30) Rob Ryan's going to have to grow a lot more hair to keep his genius reputation after this game

29) Martellus Bennett now has even more embarrassing film, in that he becomes the second TE owned by an Eagles LB in the last ten years (the other, Macho Harris v. Tony Gonzalez)

28) Vick's delay of game flag over his scramble spike showed that the refs still aren't ready to roll over for him, no matter how hard he pules

27) I'm not sure that I'm emotionally prepared to live in a world where Brent Celek is good again, which meant that his second half was oddly comforting

26) Jason Kelcie forgot he was in a shotgun snap, which would have been worrisome if the Cowboys had actually showed up

25) I guess we've all got 18 more months of Andy Reid now

24) The fact that we saw a correct coach's challenge from Reid was another sign that we're through the looking glass, people

23) Now that Al Davis is gone, Jerruh Jones wringing his hands in the owner's box is as close as we get to Monty Burns in the NFL

22) DeSean Jackson has clearly been playing too many video games for his punt return strategy

21) Vick's had better first halves, but not this year

20) Working on Keith Brooking is the same, it seems, as pulling his pants down and carving a jailhouse tat

19) When every member of your DL is winning their matchup, defensive coordination gets a lot easier

18) Once again according to the announcers, the Wide Nine is the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems

17) The third quarter backwards pass ruling showed that the refs were doing everything they could to inflate Andy Reid's challenge statistics

16) It was really hard to tell if the Eagles were good or Dallas just totally disinterested

15) By the law of transitive uninteresting SNF games, Romo is now Curtis Painter

14) There is no truth to the rumor that Ryan asked DJ for his autograph after the game

13) This was the best game yet for punter Chas Henry, since he only was in for one play and made the tackle

12) For the second straight game, the Eagles not only beat a division rival, but also hurt them a lot, too

11) Rob Ryan is clearly a genius, since he made the Eagles beat him with their best player (Shady McCoy) who is also the least likely to turn the ball over

10) Seriously, McCoy needs to find some easier way to celebrate with poor Howard Mudd

9) Al Michaels decided to crap all over Eagle Fan for daring to express concern with the team's 1-4 start and nausea-inducing, gutless play

8) You can praise and damn Dez Bryant in the same moment by saying that he looks like a young Terrell Owens

7) Romo's touchdown to Laurent Robinson means that Kurt Coleman can be the scapegoat benched defender of the week

6) The defense now has back to back games where the other team's RB didn't go for 100 yards, which sounds a lot better than DeMarco Murray's 10 yards a carry and inexplicable lack of work night

5) DeMarcus Ware had four sacks tonight, which tells you that stat isn't all that meaningful

4) Dallas has real issues in the hurry-up offense, as their center can't actually make the shotgun snap routinely

3) Just to make sure there's some consistency to the year, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie whiffed badly on a tackle of Dez Bryant

2) Murray's a good running back, but has no idea what to do on a screen pass yet... which makes him still better than Felix Jones

1) Bryant and Romo showed more anger over not scoring a completely meaningless TD over a missed Nnamdi Asomugha PI call with six minutes left than anything else all night

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