Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fool Me Nine Times

So here's the stat of the year when it comes to the Eagles: outscored 36-7 in the fourth quarter.

Now, that tends to happen to some teams, of course. But imagine, if you will, if the offense hadn't controlled time of possession for most of these games. But that's not the issue; the Eagles are 9th in the NFL in TOP at 32:04 a game, and sixth in the NFL in the last three games, all of which are losses. They've also held a lead, famously, in the fourth quarter of every game, which has limited the opposition's willingness to exploit their biggest weakness, defending the run.

So as bad as they've been during these games, as maddening, as frustrating? It's about to get worse. Their TOP on the road is worse, and they'll be playing Buffalo, who have been every bit as explosive, and committed to a running game.

So what's the line? Eagles by three, on the road in Buffalo. It will be the ninth straight game they are the favorite.

No, seriously,

David Cross has some rude things to say about that...

No, seriously.

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