Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some Hurried Number of Eagles - Redskins Takeaways

Do you still have time for this Eagles' team? I'm not sure that I do. I needed to do laundry, a yard mow, and pack for a week long trip; not all of these things have happened yet. So if this starts getting a bit sketchy, you'll know why. That, and the fact that the team is unwatchable.

> The difference between 2010 Vick and 2011 Vick was shown by the first play of each game against Washington. Last year, deep and huge. This year, missed by 15 yards. Oh, and the line looks awful.

> Can you stil consider a tem to be explosive on offense when they run second and long draw plays due to an inability to protect the QB?

> We have to consider it a win that Brent Celek first throw of the day didn't result in a turnover. I think.

> You know a team is poorly coached when the long snapper can't get on the field for a punt in an obvious punting situation

> If you need someone to telegraph a screen three times and throw it anyway, Rex Grossman is your man

> Kurt Coleman's pick is the first play made by a safety since Nate Allen's gloriuos false spring of 2010

> We finally found a QB and offensive play calling scheme that didn't result in an easy opening touchdown against this defense

> The roughing penalty at the end of Rex's first pick ruined a wonderful arm punt

> The roughing the passer flag instead of an intentional grounding for safety bailout for Vick was revolting to old-time football eyes, and the way the game is called now

> Celek lobbied for a PI call as if he were actually an offensive threat that refs cared about

> Todd Herremans pancaked LaRon Landry, which was so surprising that it made the team call a timeout

> Oh My God... Brent Celek made a play. And I was sitting here, watching it. Really. No. Seriously. Touchdown, Eagles! The season is saved!

> Nnamdi Asomugha ended Chris Cooley and gave us an all an orgasm

> The next drive, with big running holes, open receivers and a closing outside touchdown run by LeSean McCoy, looked like an honest to God good football team

> Coleman's flag for 15 and the bailout hit was one of those mistakes that, we might imagine, teams with Coaches For Life should not make, but credit where due... they didn't give up a first down after that

> Celek's juggle play was kind of amazing, yes, but also could have easily been a turnover, and would have been in the first five weeks

> Similarly, Vick's tipped ball to Maclin is a pick in the last five games

> The league needs to make the end zone five yards deeper so that guys can make even worse decisions on taking the ball out of the end zone on kickoffs

> Sexy Rexy's second arm punt of the day happened on first down, and made Nate Allen look like a quality safety again

> On the resulting big scramble by Vick, he's clearly much faster than Clay Harbor, who's a pass catching TE and a half dozen years younger

> It says something about my expectations for this team in the red zone that third down failures that don't result in turnovers are wins

> Graham Gano's 50 yard field goal with 30 seconds left in the half was huge for the Skins, since a miss would have given Green the ball on their 40 with a timeout and 30 seconds left, along with a shutout half

> Watching the defense actually stop a team in the red zone, rather than give up a deflating touchdown, was just kind of stunning

> The ball to Maclin showed more about the CB play than the pass, or the wideout

> The tipped ball pick in the red zone wasn't exactly surprising for people who have watched this team in 2011

> Once again, the defense actually came back to get a stop after a deflating play, which makes me wonder if they only show up against Rexy, or when desperate

> Actually good tackling to take down Roy Helu gets noticed here, even though it was a pretty routine play

> If you had the 8 minute mark of the third quarter for Vick Hurt in this week's pool, you win

> Vince Young's terrible, terrible pick to get the Redskins back in the game, as Vick trudged to the locker room, was just, um, shocking, really

> Grossman's godawful answer pick to Coleman more or less wiped the slate clean, and greased the skids for the John Beck Era

> On third and 10, five plays after injury, Vick ran for 31 and nearly killed a cheerleader

> Third and one, running from double tight ends, somehow didn't work

> Asomugha's holding penalty showed the refs no longer consider him an elite CB

> With 17:10 left in the game, Grossman has completed more balls to Coleman than anyone other than Fred Davis

> The idea that the Redskins' season hinges on Rexy turnovers isn't exactle news

> I'm not sure how John Beck scrambling for first downs jibes with the idea that the Eagle defense is fast

> To Fox pinhead Brian Billick, not being able to see the field before you are 30 means you are young, rather than, say, inexperienced or godawful

> The third down play to Santana Moss shows that you really do need to put pressure on any NFL QB, and also John Beck

> If you had Ryan Torain in your fantasy league this week, you have to be feeling personally betrayed

> Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie got very, very lucky to not give up a touchdown to Jamar Gaffney with 11 minutes left, but still celebrated as if he did something

> Washington took a delay of game to blow a long figgie chance, which isnt't exactly what you'd expect from a division winning team

> Mike Shanahan is a genius... when he has John Elway and Terrell Davis

> I, for one, feel personally cheated by the lack of a disastrous Sav Rocca punt

> McCoy to kill the clock is, well, kind of what we thought we'd see at the start of the year, not that any of that is his fault

> It says something that Green's idea of a ball control running offense has 4 WRs

> Brian Rolle gave me a stiffie when he covered Helu, just because he shows signs of actually knowing how to do that

> Dante Stallworth's drop on a long bomb where Allen just kind of ran by for funsies kind of described the Redskins' day

> Even when they are not giving up a touchdown for 55+ minutes, this defense inspires no confidence

> Beck's a loser, baby, so why don't we kill him

> On fourth and nine to end the game, you'd like to see a pass rush that actually exists

> Terence Austin's ball was a case where the Redskins finally found someone to catch a wide open deep ball

> I'm reasonably sure that I could have scored on Beck's QB draw touchdown, and I'm a 42 year old smurf

> McCoy is not just the best player on this team, he might be the best RB in the league

> Actually converting a third and inches to win the game is kind of amazing, though I'd still like to see the team sign Jared Lorenzon (he's available!) for such plays

> Washington ran 14 times for 42 yards today, which is just the most unrealistic thing that happened

> Before you get too happy, remember that this means that we all have Andy Reid to kick around for a long, long time, and

> While winning is a great deodorant, parts of this team still smell like toe cheese


Tracer Bullet said...

A friend suggested using Young as the official QB Sneak QB. It saves Vick a bit of pounding and Young clearly has no other value.

DMtShooter said...

I dunno. You think he's in shape enough to be Jared Lorenzon?

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