Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sorry, Texas, Your Second Straight AL Pennant Doesn't Matter

Tonight on ESPN, as I get back from a day of Not Sports after spending a great day with the Shooter Kids, I see... a college football game on the front page. Not a particulalrly important one, seeing how it's the second week of October, but nonetheless.

And in the headlines on the right, the small note that Texas is going back to the World Series for the second year in a row. (Final score? Nah, that's trivia.)

Go to the MLB page, and the Rangers do get the big picture billion, and even the first two links. Wow, beating the Tigers in six, with a 10-run beatdown and a record-setting run by OF Nelson Cruz, gets you the, um, pub. But they also get to share that with the following not news from the following not contenders...

> Red Sox owner denies smear campaign against freshly and incredibly smeared manager, aka the only guy to win in this town in, um, a century

> Several Yankee players are going to go to Taiwan, woo

> What the Red Sox did to try to keep the only general manager tha's won in this town in, un, a century

> Manny Ramirez and his power to all fields of wife beating

And yes, I get that when the Lemur doesn't have the rights, the games just don't get covered in the same way. (And no, that's not a valid excuse for, well, anything.) And perhaps I'm overstating the case for Texas Fan, who certainly does not give a good damn what NESN2 does with it's time; they've got local coverage that they've probably always looked at, and always will, seeing how the Lemur just done Hank Williams Jr. "wrong" and also greenlit a biopic of Renee Richards. (After the liberals take your guns, they are going to make you have sex change operations and buttrape you, Necks. It's true, I read it on a Web site.)

But still, um... there's this unseemly matter of the historical record. Going to back to back WS's should matter, shouldn't it? More than, say, the offseason gossip of teams that didn't win a damn thing, and haven't won a damn thing for, well, the past two years that this little team here did?

Oh, right, sorry, my mistake... that would involve watching the games. Like some kind of sports watching *idiot*...

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