Monday, October 24, 2011

Ten World Series Game Five Takeaways

10) At some point, as so many other team have, you will be sorry for employing fungible relievers like Octavio Dotel and that lefty Scrabble guy

9) Adrian Beltre's Tom Seaver home run brought a smile to the face of people who can not possibly have been awake

8) Ship Shumaker might be the game's first Amish centerfielder

7) I guess we're almost out of time for Ian Kinsler to have a season-ending injury

6) As the Series wears on, both managers are getting more and more dance-tastic

5) You have to admire the way that MLB managed to schedule Game Four and Game Five for the two worst prime-time NFL games in recent memory

4) Tony LaRussa might want to rethink this whole "Allen Craig Tries To Steal A Base" idea

3) Nick Punto has had better days, which is to say almost all of them

2) The CJ Wilson Salary Drive Postseason didn't exactly go the way he planned

1) With the series going back to St. Louis and two out of three games in Texas being low scoring, count on any remaining games being 1-0 extra inning jobs

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