Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today's Top 21 MLB Playoff Takeaways

21) Honestly, four playoff games in one day is a bit too much

20) Curtis Granderson kind of made the Tigers regret moving him

19) It was nice of the Tigers to help their fans spread out the traffic jam late

18) Russell Martin almost got lapped by Jesus Montero

17) Tigers in five felt a lot better when Justin Verlander was getting the start

16) Yankee Fan was nearly as surprised by AJ Burnett and Rafael Soriano coming up big as by his team winning an elimination game on the road

15) Texas Fan isn't too unhappy about seeing a Game Five

14) Umpires seem to be very excited to call balks now

13) Some day -- like, maybe Tuesday -- you'll make money in a trivia contest by answering that Adrian Beltre hit as many home runs in an October playoff game as Reggie Jackson

12) At least the Rangers have ended any more games in the Trop, which even Rays Fan can appreciate

11) Nolan Ryan is the world's oldest and whitest mascot

10) It was nice of the Brewers and DBacks to let everyone on the East Coast go to bed early

9) After Shawn Marcum flipped his glove after giving up the grand slam, his mom made him sit alone in the minivan with no juice box for, like, a half hour

8) This just in: Arizona has a pretty good home field advantage

7) In case you somehow haven't heard by now, Josh Collmenter threw tomahawks as a kid, which is the only reason he's any good

6) Shockingly, the Brewers offense doesn't seem that scary when Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder don't hit

5) The shadows in this game made the first five innings more or less pointless

4) Had this game gone just a little bit differently, Ryan Theriot could have legally changed his name to Cody Ross

3) By the time you finish this sentence, the Cardinals will have, somehow, left another man on base

2) Cardinals Fan is shocked, shocked, to see Tony LaRussa over-manage his team to a playoff loss

1) You can't fool us -- that wasn't Ben Francisco, that was Matt Stairs with an incredible job of costuming

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