Saturday, October 8, 2011

Top 10 consolations for Phillies Fans

10) At least Ryan Howard had the decency, after making the final out, to crumple to the ground injured from the sheer weight of your hatred

9) Your love for Roy Halladay can continue unabated

8) There's no reason to think that the five closers that you used this year will be any less effective next year

7) This gives you more time to really savor the majesty that is the 2011-12 Philadelphia Eagles

6) If they had won it all this year, you'd have gotten spoiled

5) You still play in a division that might field a competitive team, provided it contracted into one club

4) This lets all of those nice Cardinals fans see Albert Pujols play 2 to 7 more times

3) Throwing Hunter Pence under the bus for all of the things that you were praising him for will make for good sports radio fodder

2) With the final four teams coming from Milwaukee, St. Louis, Texas and Detroit, the suits at MLB are hurting

1) It's still the first through fifth best eras to root for your laundry in the 120 sorry years of the franchise's history

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