Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Top 10 MLB Playoff Takeaways

10) I'm not saying that Yankee Fan is ready to bury Derek Jeter for failing twice in the clutch tonight, but Derek Jeter failed twice in the clutch tonight

9) On some level, it's not very surprising that teams from Tampa and Texas perform better when they are not in their home

8) The fact that the Yankees' fate hangs on the thread that is AJ Burnett is almost enough to get Red Sox Fan to pull his head out of the oven

7) You could have won some serious coin over the idea that Delmon Young would be a bigger Tigers' hero than Justin Verlander

6) Ron Washington is a witch when it comes to calling pitch outs

5) It's kind of fun to watch the Yankees play a playoff series where their high-paid imported ace isn't as good as the other team's star pitcher

4) Nefti Feliz got the last four outs, but still looks like an eventual problem

3) Jose Valverde can really pitch for a person in their second trimester

2) Between his start on Wednesday and running out of gas late, David Price is looking like Tampa's LVP

1) If the Yankees lose tomorrow, and the Cardinals take out the Phillies, this will be the last you hear about MLB before February 2012 on ESPN

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