Sunday, October 30, 2011

Top 10 NFL Week 8 Ad Questions

10) Are the people who work at Farmer's capable of talking about animals without fondling them?

9) Is there a hallucinogenic compound in the McRib sandwich that will make me behave like a total tool?

8) If T.Rowe Price can understand tenuous connections in finance, why can't they understand that less than 1% of the viewing audience still has money to invest?

7) Is it telling that my kids really want to go to the Geico Robot Day Care facility?

6) Does Aaron Rodgers feel good about having any number of fat people massage their junk in front of him... and how, exactly, does this sell insurance?

5) Is one of the side effects of erectile dysfunction medication the inability to see in color, or to judge when I need to step on the gas to get through a muddy patch?

4) Will Visa send me to Indianpolis in February even if I don't want to go?

3) Should Adam Sandler's continued existence be blamed on the free market, or should we also hold President Obama to task for not arranging a much needed assassination?

2) Why does Bud Light feel like every NFL experience is painful and embarrassing, when there are also groupies, weekly paychecks that are more than most people make in a year, media mouthjobs and the occasional opportunity to cripple people who deeply deserve it?

1) If I let my child near a Windows PC, will they turn into a smug and pudgy bastard who pitches me constantly for a dog?

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