Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the NFL chose Arizona for the 2015 Super Bowl

10) Now that Kurt Warner is gone, the league feels very confident there won't be a home field advantage from this decision

9) After the inevitable complaint fest that will be the NJ Super Bowl, a dry heat will satisfy all whiners

8) Everyone enjoyed the last game there, which featured a remarkably hated team getting its comeuppance from a special teamer making the last catch of his career

7) Since there are no more new stadiums to pimp after this, the league can go back to places that people who actually want to go to

6) Arizona has plenty of people who go to this game, which is to say rich, white, and ready to submit to anything that security people tell them to do, so long as they are also white

5) It was either here or Tampa, and honestly, you'd chose Arizona too

4) The league really doesn't have that many Hispanic players

3) There are enough first-class hotels in the Phoenix area to cover all of the relentless corporate douchebags that are living a much better life than you and I ever will

2) Thanks to the economic downturn, the local homeless is much more diverse now

1) By making this pick, we've already got the theme song for the season

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