Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Top 10 reasons why no NFL teams went to the TO Workout

10) They knew that they would either have to talk to him, or to ESPN

9) Afraid to create a bidding war from zero to zero

8) Parking was at a real premium, seeing how the egos and entourage need special consideration

7) Knew that with Jerry Rice on hand, the best available spent wideout wasn't working out

6) They'd rather not appear on anything shown by the NFL Network

5) What with the price of gas these days, best just to watch on TV

4) Didn't want to see Casey Hanson, the AFL QB who threw to him today, thrown under the bus

3) Fringe WRs generally need to play special teams and shut the hell up

2) Way too much going on, seeing how it happened on a Tuesday where there was no actual sports going on

1) Somehow didn't see the need to scout ancient drop-prone possession receiver with knee issues who are the most notorious clubhouse lawyer in football

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