Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the Red Sox fell apart

10) Terry Francona's ability to focus during his divorce of 30 years really fell apart, but only in the last four weeks of the season

9) The video games in the clubhouse in modern times are far too compelling

8) No matter how many painkillers he took for his chronic medical conditions, Terry Francona could never make John Lackey go away

7) It's been at least two weeks since someone talked about the Red Sox in the national media, and we were getting far too distracted by actual baseball

6) They just didn't have a true gamer with leadership, heart, modesty and an ability to keep things away from the media like Curt Schilling

5) Theo Epstein's constant checking of Craig's List Chicago was very distracting

4) The true owners of the team -- ESPN -- needed a narrative

3) When starting pitchers put themselves above the rest of the team, it just kills the motivation of everyone else on the team, since baseball is a game where you are never compensated for individual accomplishments

2) The only team that's good enough to beat the Red Sox are clearly the Red Sox, as no one else in the American League has talent

1) Too many dahhhkies, in that they had any

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