Sunday, October 2, 2011

Top 10 Week 4 NFL Ad Questions

10) If you give an old man a "Sir Purr" Panthers' jersey, aren't you showing a remarkable hatred of the elderly?

9) Should I draw any conclusion from the fact that Domino's celebrity chef has dogs in the kitchen with him?

8) Right now, isn't a $10 pizza worth more than Reggie Bush, since that pizza could actually serve some useful purpose?

7) Did the easy dunk that LeBron James missed at McDonald's happen during the playoffs?

6) If I buy a Chevy Volt, will gas station slackers grill me about my bathroom needs?

5) When Pepsi asks me who's next after showing me Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and Britney Spears footage, doesn't that seem like a threat to the performer?

4) Was Fairy Deion Sanders deemed not feminine enough before the advertising agency gave him the wig?

3) Does the Chevy season of doing also apply o what's going to happen to me from

2) Since when did 18th century France enter "The Matrix"?

1) What is American Airlines doing to make their passengers think that instant messaging is actually a real-life conversation?

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