Sunday, October 16, 2011

Top 10 Week Six NFL Ad Questions

10) If you were going to do swashbuckling, wouldn't you find better clothing for it than a preposterous dress and corset?

9) Does Miller Light belive that gay guys who are looking for glory hole action and/or bathroom coke sharers are not deserving of their gender?

8) On some level, aren't you just a real man if you use the dentist with the gas powered drill?

7) How do hairy tranny cheerleaders sell car insurance?

6) Does Pete Campbell from Mad Men have the lock on all creepy young guy roles in Hollywood now?

5) Are the Lowe's shoppers who age 50 years in 30 seconds really as happy as they seem?

4) Do I need the world to change in modular block form to enjoy beer?

3) Has Applebee's installed extra wide doors to get Chris Berman inside?

2) If I buy a new Lexus, does it come with radiation to keep me safe?

1) Are all AT&T customers married to horrible bitches, or does switching to that service just cause divorce and/or justifiable domestic abuse?

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