Saturday, October 29, 2011

Top 12 Consolations for Rangers Fans

Fifty years and counting, with back to back cruel Octobers at the hands of the NL champion. Ranger Fan needs some bucking up. That's what we do around here!

12) Losing to Chris Carpenter doesn't cause any special rancor, really

11) With any luck, that's the last time you'll need to root for Darren Oliver and Arthur Rhodes

10) Maybe next year, Nelson Cruz won't be so scared of the wall

9) Your team could easily overbid for Albert Pujols out of spite

8) We're entering that time of the year when the rest of the country is more miserable than you

7) If you want CJ Wilson back, he's going to be much more affordable now

6) You can, of course, just blame this on George W. Bush

5) Maybe this will convince Nolan Ryan that he's better off in an owner's box, rather than front and center for Fox

4) Maybe next year, Ron Washington will work out that whole pinch hitting thing

3) It's not like you aren't kind of used to this by now

2) You still have the Cowboy... um, high school and college football

1) Since you didn't lose the Mets or Dodgers, you might be able to avoid seeing highlights of this Series for the rest of your life

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