Monday, October 24, 2011

Top Ten NFL Week 7 Ad Takeaways

10) If I buy home improvement products from Lowe's, will my house be shaken down to the component pieces?

9) Are all Wells Fargo customers irredeemable douchebags?

8) Do people really still think that Australians do something special when they prepare food?

7) Are the people who are watching NFL football really interested in a furry animated movie?

6) Do I need a Windows PC to create videos that will make my immediate family look like tools?

5) If I drink a frappe from McDonald's, will I be moved to bellow "ME TIME!" even if I'm completely alone?

4) How does making a middling hot woman in her mid '30s shower a lot sell Web site hosting services?

3) Can we blame Sharon Osbourne for Honda ruining "Crazy Train", or should we just accept that it's kind of amazing that they hadn't sold it already?

2) If I don't have 4G service from AT&T, will I lose any sense of tact, decorum, or common sense in my office?

1) Has anyone ever made the decision on which pizza to order based on a league sponsorship?

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