Monday, October 24, 2011

Twelve World Series Game Four Takeaways

12) The fact that Ron Washington didn't deploy his best starting pitcher until Game Four should give Cardinal Fan some hope that, no matter what, Tony LaRussa will win this by his own damned self

11) Speaking of Wash, I'm pretty sure he can take something for that jittery problem, if you catch my drift

10) Few things on this earth seem more hittable than Edwin Jackson in the first inning

9) Josh Hamilton is playing with a sports hernia, which the Fox team mercifully did not discuss at length

8) At some point, you have to think that Fox will just Photoshop cast members of shows they want to pointlessly hype into seats without them actually having to go to the stadium

7) It says something about the Cardinals' confidence in Jackson that sent the pitching coach out to talk to him after outs

6) After the Game Three fireworks, it's hard to imagine that both of these teams are actually the same guys

5) For some reason, Fox seems to think that we need to see live shots of Jerry Jones' empy mausoleum during a baseball game

4) Nothing is quite as riveting as the Cardinals' stall ball delay when going to a new pitcher

3) The ticking time bomb that is Nefty Feliz, Wild Closer, is still ticking

2) Angel Fan has to be all kinds of bent that Mike Scoscia let Mike Napoli go, seeing as he more or less ended this game with a home run that would put hair on your teeth

1) While I have no real rooting interest in this Series, the Rangers' mascot-level embrace of George W. Bush is making things hard

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