Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Eagles - Giants Takeaways

I got to tell you, folks... I wasn't looking forward to watching this game. I had no faith in this team, still have no faith in this team, and watching a night loss is just irritating. But missing games just goes against my DNA... and then the game happened and wasn't even bad. Kind of. Let's dig into it, shall we?

30) We have finally found a player who can stop LeSean McCoy... Vince Young

29) Riley Cooper was called for offensive pass interference because he couldn't get separation from a DB

28) Jake Ballard's wide open drop counts as one of the better plays made by the defense against a TE

27) It's very important that the WRs can tackle when Young is in the game, for obvious reasons

26) NBC chastised DeSean Jackson for worrying about his $600K a year contract, right before he went down with an injury that could have cost him tens of millions of dollars, in a game where the Eagles paid Steve Smith 10X his rate

25) When you say Young and Cooper aren't on the same page, that assumes either of them can read

24) DeSean Jackson got the worst penalty of his life, and that's saying something,...

23) But, um, isn't taunting after you run out of bounds, by definition, after the play?

22) Giant Fan really isn't going to mourn the end of the Brandon Jacobs Era

21) Eli Manning kept learning that even though he's the only live Manning, he can be hit

20) It's seems really obvious that you don't want to kick it to a dangerous punt returner, but to be honest, Jackson is dangerous to both teams when returning kicks

19) The first good play of Steve Smith's Eagle career happened against the Giants, because God enjoys hack irony

18) Cullen Jenkins killed DJ Ware, but that's OK, because Ware's a RB

17) If there's a worse development in football than the post-incomplete five second puling for PI, I don't know it

16) Nothing excites announcers more than when a back up QB appears to be managing a game, especially when does it with multiple INTs

15) If you had 6:33 in the third for this week's Pointless Offensive Timeout, congratulations

14) If you are wondering why Coach For Life Reid was still calling passes on every play when Young had multiple picks and the team needed a field goal to take a two possession lead... you just haven't watched enough 2011 Eagles

13) Jake Ballard, you are no Kevin Boss, or any other TE that has crushed my laundry for the past decade

12) Trent Cole's obvious non-holding call changed the game, not that the resulting 47-yard pass play surprised anyone in Eagle Nation

11) This week's shocking Nnamdi Asomugha breakdown, shockingly, came in the fourth quarter

10) When Jackson flips the ball to a coach on the sideline, it's taunting, but when Victor Cruz does a synchronized dance routine, that's all just funsies

9) The subsequent marathon Eagle TD drive almost made Eagle Nation care about this team again, and ensured that we'll have at least 18 more months of CFL Reid

8) Young's QB sneak with five minutes left shows why he should have a short yardage role even if Michael Vick is healthy

7) Honestly, I broke up laughing on the TD pass to Cooper, after his entire game of bleh

6) Mike Carey took a half a minute to call intentional grounding on Manning in the late minutes, which set a new record for a post-whistle flag

5) The coverage breakdown on the Cruz play was more than a little startling, even by the 2011 standards...

4) But in the last meaningful play, Eli Manning proved that his pocket presence is just that special, and that the late-season Giants collapse might be coming early this year

3) McCoy failed to pull a Westbrook on the kill shot breakaway run

2) The Eagles held the ball for over 35 minutes tonight, all of it in the fourth quarter

1) Horribly, we still have to watch this team for another week

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