Friday, November 11, 2011

The FTT Movie Review: Winnebago Man

Let's just start this with the clip, shall we? (Warning: wildly, wonderfully profane.)

Jack Redney was given the job of being the industrial film spokesman for the Winnebago Corporation in the late '80s, and assigned the particularly wrong task of shooting in Iowa in summer. As you can see above, It Didn't Go Well... and the end result fills me with joy, because no matter how badly my day is going, I'm not Jack.

Anyhoo... I found a documentary on Netflix Instant called "Winnebago Man", in which the filmmaker tracks down Redney and tries to get him to open up about the experience. Dude is now in his '80s, still angry about everything, and blind. It makes for an oddly touching hour or so, and well worth your spin, if only to see a man lose his fudge over and over again, while still keeping some measure of articulate speech.

Finally, this: many of Jack's rants need to become part of the standing dialogue at my poker game. Here that, regulars? Would you do me that kindness?

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