Sunday, November 13, 2011

Top 10 NFL Week 10 Ad Questions

10) Given the spate of recent protests, does Bank of America really want people associating them with counting the number one a lot?

9) Shouldn't "Orakpo" be another word for "Inexplicable Commercial Endorsement Deal"?

8) When you hear the phrase "Man Card", how does that involve diet beer in any way that doesn't hurt the sales of diet beer?

7) How long will Alec Baldwin have to do Capital One ads before everyone forgets that he was ever in anything funny?

6) Does everyone who use an AT&T Blackberry deserve to be fired due to gross negligence?

5) Why are Ford buyers speaking in rhyming cliches?

4) If I win the X Factor travel contest with Pizza Hut, do I actually have to go see the show?

3) Are all shoppers creepy fat guys who cut in line to sit on a mall Santa?

2) Do I have to subdue a bald man to get a Droid, or can I just, you know, go buy one?

1) If Subway is where winners eat, why are they endorsed by such gap-toothed losers?

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