Sunday, November 20, 2011

Top 10 Week 11 NFL Ad Questions

10) How does Dodge reminding me of my mortality help to sell cars?

9) Why does Acura think that equating their products with extravagance is a good idea?

8) Is anyone else scared at the prospect of shopping at Target, now that we've seen freakish aerobics woman working out in preparation of the event?

7) Are Steeler players just growing hair for money now?

6) Do I need to learn the word "Leo" before I learn the word "pre-nup" or "beard"?

5) Is Toyota competing to see how many celebrity douchebags it can fit in one sedan, and how exactly does that sell cars?

4) Why is Wal-Mart leading the war on Thanksgiving?

3) Once more with feeling... how is obsessing about the taste of your diet beer in any way indicative of masculinity?

2) Does Burger King really have an executive chef, and if so, can we learn more about their credentials, compensation, and criminal history?

1) How do dancing mailmen have anything to do with satellite television service?

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