Sunday, November 6, 2011

Top 10 Week 9 Ad Questions

10) If I become a Met Life customer, will marching bands invade my house?

9) Haven't our veterans endured enough hardships without having to eat for free at Appleby's?

8) If I buy an HTC phone, will I become a talentless street artist?

7) Does becoming a Fidelity investor make you a smug tool who has lost the abilit to walk?

6) If you give your father a refurbished Chevy Impala, isn't that just implying that the man has no ambition whatsoever?

5) Did Citizen Eco-Drive change from Eli Manning to Paula Creamer so they could have a more masculine advertising presence?

4) Can love really be felt as the need to decorate your car, house or dog?

3) Do I have to be under attack from my household appliances to shop at HH Gregg?

2) Given how watery Coors tastes, should they really make such a big deal out of where their water comes from?

1) Can I buy a Ford without having to submit to a press conference?

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