Sunday, November 6, 2011

Top 12 Week Nine NFL Takeaways

12) With their seventh win of the year, the Niners clinched the NFC West

11) The Bengals have now won five games in a row, not that anyone outside of Ohio has noticed

10) You will be shocked, shocked to learn that John Beck is now 0-7 as an NFL starting QB

9) LeGarrette Blount likes punching people more than he does playing football

8) If you aren't convinced by now that the Colts are in full Suck For Luck mode, I don't know what else you need

7) Why teams that played terrible back in the day and looked worse want to go with throwback uniform, I'll never know

6) Dallas did everything they could to lose at home against Seattle, but Tarvaris Jackson was not to be denied

5) You'd think that, by now, I'd have learned that Matt Cassel is matchup-proof

4) The Jets showed the Bills that games in November are for people with big boy pants

3) You'd think that the Patriots would be more leery of #85 for the Giants on final drives by now

2) In a shocking upset, the Cards-Rams game had an exciting play and ending

1) There is, in fact, a federal law in place that requires you to use the phrase "street fight" while describing Steelers-Ravens games


snd_dsgnr said...

There have been years where the kind of production Eli has put up would make him a MVP candidate.

Not going to happen this year with the kind of season Rodgers is having, and Eli's numbers are likely to slip anyway with the weather turning and the schedule getting harder. Still though, I've been pretty impressed.

DMtShooter said...

I'd say that it's the best he's played since the SB run, and the team clearly responds to his leadership. But he does not fill me with fear the way that Rodgers does, and even Brees. I also think he enjoys being the only active Manning...

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