Sunday, December 18, 2011

50 Eagles - Jets Takeaways

Well, despite everything they have tried to do this year, the Eagles still actually have a playoff possibility in this game. Which means they get to lose one more meaningful game at home this year, or save Coach For Life Reid's job. Either way, Philly Fan loses, but you knew that already, right? Let's get to it!

50) Not to say this team has a home field disadvantage, but on the first big play to Brent Celek, the crowd yawned

49) For the second straight week, Casey Matthews actually made a play, and is showing some signs of actually belonging in the NFL

48) The Jets' offense didn't exactly cover themselves with glory in trying to tackle Juqua Parker on the Eagles' first touchdown

47) The fact that the Eagle defense got a score, a sack, and two straight three and outs while the crowd went meh tells you a little something about how much this town has checked out on this team

46) For the second straight week, Curtis Marsh made an absolutely inexcusable special teams mistake, showing that Colt Anderson really was that important

45) Celek's third touchdown of the year was downright manly

44) Jason Babin is going to break Reggie White's single season sack record, which kind of makes all of us who actually saw White play very, very sad

43) If you had two seconds left in the first quarter for this week's first pointless Eagles timeout, you win the pool

42) Michael Vick drew a 15-yard penalty for charging into a linebacker, because that's just what happens in the NFL now

41) DeSean Jackson made a key third down catch on CB Darrelle Revis, and made sure to celebrate, since it's not going to happen that often

40) Vick scored on a rushing touchdown for the first time in a year on a play that very few QBs ever make, proving that his ribs aren't so bad any more

39) Brian Schottenheimer showed he's a genius by having success running in the middle, then failing on runs to the outside

38) Part of the reason why the crowd didn't seem too into this game is the fact that a solid third of them were rooting for the Jets

37) Shady tied Steve van Buren's club record for rushing touchdowns in a season, which is kind of amazing, seeing how Shady had to pretty much succeed in every opportunity he had this year to get that many scores

36) Mark Sanchez is really good at holding the ball until a sack can materialize

35) As Dion Lewis' kickoff fumble showed, the decay in the special teams in the last month has been pretty dramatic

34) Plaxico Burress getting the defensive PI call on Nnamdi Asomugha showed that the WR doesn't need a chance at the ball for the call to be made now

33) Santonio Holmes scored down the gut, then went for a flapping Eagles taunt, just to show that he doesn't care about the scoreboard

32) McCoy lost a fumble for the first time all year, and at just about the worst possible time, which is to say, the only time this team makes turnovers

31) For everyone who says that Jackson has checked out on his team, please note that he's the guy who's always making the tackle on turnover returns

30) Six turnovers in 27 minutes in dry weather should tell you all you need to know about the quality of both of these teams

29) Noting that our high draft picker can't even try from 60 yards, that the offensive line can't defend on a Hail Mary against a 3-man rush, and that we might have had time to make the last drive count for points had we not wasted two timeouts earlier just shows that you're an irrational Coach For Life Andy Reid Hater

28) Antonio Cromartie's second half kickoff return was another We Miss Colt Anderson moment

27) Sanchez seemed to collapse from ennui, or just has a ridiculous glass jaw

26) Jeremy Maclin blocked two different guys on a 73-yard play to Celek where the tight end looked like he needed an oil change late

25) McCoy's 19th score of the year might have been his easiest

24) Just in case Eagle Fan was developing hope for the playoffs, Asante Samuel and DeSean Jackson left with hamstring injuries

23) Not to put too fine a point on this, but the Jets might have played their worst game of the year, and right tackle Wayne Hunter in particular was completely overmatched

22) Babin's third sack of the day was entirely one-handed, as he's obviously getting bored of the two-handed variety

21) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Jamar Cheney combined for a pick, which made Cheney the first Eagles LB in 15 years to have 3 picks in a year -- no, seriously

20) Jerome Kerley picked up an unsportsmanlike flag for blocking after a fair catch signal, or doing what Brian Mitchell did for his whole damn life

19) Castillo actually looked happy to be a coordinator today, and for actual cause, which means he'll get to keep his job, too

18) The Eagles' idea of killing the clock with a late lead: having Mike Vick run around for 15 seconds and take a big hit

17) McCoy's third touchdown of the day... might have been easier than the second

16) When Vince Young comes in and we don't all hate it, you know it's a pretty odd day in the life of the 2011 Eagles

15) The team may have finally figured out a way to avoid blowing a fourth quarter led -- i.e., have such a large one that it's impossible to do it

14) On some level, Philly Fan is disappointed that he didn't get to boo anything today

13) Babin picked up a roughing the passer flag in garbage time for making Sanchez smell his glove

12) Burress became the latest WR in the fourth quarter to beat Asomugha for a touchdown

11) Young, in case you were wondering, is still completely horrible

10) When Mark Brunnell and Joe McKnight are in, you can safely stop writing game notes

9) The Jets have never beaten the Eagles in a regular season game, which would mean something if the teams met more than 8 times in 38 years

8) Honestly, it's kind of hard to draw any real conclusions from this game beyond the Jets played turrible

7) Between this and the Patriots de-pantsing God and Country in Denver, CBS kind of took a hard day in the ratings

6) New York is still in line for a playoff spot, which is to say, none of this really mattered

5) Reid went to Mike Kafka for the kneeldown, because he wasn't sure that Young was smart enough to execute that play

4) Rich Gannon made multiple references to Mike Vick's hyperbaric chamber, because that was far more interesting than anything else in this game

3) The big win means that Reid and Castillo are clearly going to get contract extensions, just to make sure Eagle Fan takes no joy in the win

2) Next week's False Hope Bowl in New York will now be downright interesting

1) There will be at least one more meaningful week of Eagles football in 2011, assuming there was such a thing as any meaningful weeks of 2011 Eagles football

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