Monday, December 26, 2011

Five Obvious Points About Drew Brees Breaking Dan Marino's Record

5) This won't stand for 20+ years, the way Old Isotoner's did. Brees will be lucky to own this thing more then 3 years. Unless, of course, he keeps raising his own bar.

4) I have no doubts that Brees is among the best to ever play the game. But he still operates in a dome, with a pass-happy coach, in a division not known for its stout defenses or its inclement road weather. It's basically the equivalent of a Colorado Rockie breaking Bonds' single-season home run record. Or, you know, a great player ramming PEDs into every orifice. One or the other.

3) This would be a much bigger deal in a bigger media market. The NFL is pretty good about spreading the love around, and when you have Pittsburgh and Green Bay ruling the roost, it's hard to cry small market poverty. But the simple fact of the matter is that finding Saints fans 10 years ago was about as easy as finding Rams fans today. It's a constituency of locals and his roto owners, despite the ring. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because he's short.

2) The Chargers moved the wrong QB. Philip Rivers has done fine things in San Diego, and has been a prime reason for their success. He's not as good as Brees. Period. Moving on.

1) Had Miami signed Brees... they'd be a better team today, but there's no chance that Brees would be setting records or getting HOF consideration. But take heart, Fish Fans: you had Marino once upon a time. And no one that you've wanted to remember since...

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snd_dsgnr said...

Point 5 is absolutely correct. Hell Tom Brady is only 190 yards behind Brees right now, meaning there's actually a chance that Brees could end up holding the record for exactly 1 week.

I really hope that doesn't happen by the way.

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