Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meatheads Against Bullying

So I was tooling around my television tonight, out of things I really wanted to watch, with a cable system that stopped serving my interest (outside of Comedy Central and live sports) about, oh, a decade ago. So I decided to wallow, folks; I was looking for physically fit women who were not wearing much clothing. So I put on the WWE. What the hell, I liked it 20 to 30 years ago, I loved the raw dumb fun of ECW 10 years ago, let's see what they are up to.

Well, what they are up to is mostly forgettable, and not worth discussing here. But then I saw this PSA. Take a peek, won't you?

Yes, the WWE, perhaps the single biggest role model for bullying in its characters, as well as perhaps the most homophobic (and, of course, though they would never admit it in a month of Sundays, homoerotic) organization in entertainment media... is coming out against bullying.

I'll pause for a moment to let that sink in. Besides, I think I should take a little walk right now. Clear my head.


Now, um...


I don't particularly care where you come out on the anti-bullying movement. Personally, as someone who currently tips the scales at 5'-3" and 136 pounds, and also has had GLBT friends, I'm not a big fan of it. (I'm also really happy that JHVH-1, HannaMan the Monkey God, Space Turtle or Random Chance decided to make me straight. Like being white and male, it's really your best choice. (Note: I'm not saying that being straight, white and male makes me best, or that this is in any way fair or correct. It just means that I'm putting up with less nonsense than those that aren't. As the great comedian Louis CK puts it, if you had to choose, you'd pick it every year. Moving on.)

But I get that there are probably some of you out there that think that this is part of some greater socialist/communist/whatever conspiracy to secretly turn Americans into the French and/or eliminate violence from football. Whatever. As I said, not too interested in getting lost in the weeds of that debate.

But for an organization that used to make big bank from demonizing LGBT people (Adoradble Adrian? Goldust? Etc.) to be anti-bullying now... well, um, this just seems like a political cause you might want to step away from. Just to, you know, keep everyone from pointing at your PSA, then blinking a lot at the apparent insanity of it all.

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