Saturday, December 24, 2011

NFL Week 16 Top 10 Ad Questions

10) At what point will Domino's stop insulting the people who have been buying their "food"?

9) Does Sprint's unlimited data turn their users into completely obsessed cell phone tools?

8) Why is Santa running to Target, unless he has explosive diarrhea?

7) If Santa is magic, why does he need an iPhone, and if the coverage or gadget fails, does that mean Christmas is ruined?

6) Why are Chevy buyers afraid to be honest with Santa about their hunting habits, seeing how Santa is omniscient?

5) Does Blackberry sell phones now, or just trippy '80s neon bikes?

4) Why does Allstate think that a tree should smell like making love to a lumberjack, since that probably involves fecal matter, body odor and ejaculate?

3) If I shop at Best Buy, will I spend Christmas Eve on my roof in the snow, waiting to be an assclown to Santa?

2) Don't the Christmas ads for Corona seem like the last moments of a suicidally depressed and isolated drunk?

1) Shouldn't the NFL Network stop spending so much money on touch screen technology, and, well, actually get on some cable systems?

and a bonus... If I drink Pepsi Max, will I be as big of a winner as Rex Ryan?

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