Sunday, December 4, 2011

Top 10 NFL Week 13 Ad Questions

10) If I use an HTC cell phone, will I be unable to detect shrapnel?

9) Does Auto Trader race all of their cars through some weird alien body before selling them?

8) Were the people who pimped for BP in the Gulf tourism ad forced at gunpoint, or merely completely soulless?

7) If I get Craftsman tools for Christmas, will they turn me into one?

6) Has anyone ever made the decision to buy Nyquil due to their NFL sponsorship, or does the drug manufacturer get that as a bonus for bulk sales to players?

5) How, exactly, do streets inspire Jennifer Lopez, and if so, can we get her to start taking alternate transportation?

4) Has any child ever been happy to receive cheap crappy cars from a Hess gas station?

3) If I buy an Acura, will a douchebag chef come to my house to scream at people?

2) Did anyone else get diarrhea just from looking at the Sonic Texas Toast sandwich ad?

1) Is Chase hiring veterans to be bankers simply because they are used to doing terrible things under orders?

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