Friday, December 2, 2011

Top 10 reasons why Andy Reid isn't worried about his job

10) It's not as if the owners care about the fans, since the stadium keeps filling

9) The national media keeps fluffing him as a great coach, despite an ever-increasing amount of evidence to the contrary

8) They, like Reid, hate linebackers, safetys, running plays, and unwasted timeouts

7) Knows that the organization only really cares about being competitive in an overrated division

6) After a dozen games of watching this, they really need to see twenty more

5) Only players should be held accountable for results

4) They have to protect the talent level of a team that's 4-8, has one home win in a calendar year, leads the league in turnovers, has five blown fourth quarter leads and makes decent people spit

3) The quality, color separation and composition of his compromising photographs of Jeffrey Lurie are just spectacular

2) Buying the idea that after every bad year, he bounces back strong, and since this is the last sacred cow in the barn (after great in December, better as the year goes on, avoids turnovers, good in the red zone, hasn't lost the team, has the respect of other teams in the league), let's just make sure they all die

1) Everything will be fine as soon as they sell DeSean Jackson for ten cents on the dollar

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