Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the Dolphins fired Tony Sparano

10) Couldn't wait to hire their next mistake

9) Losing to Andy Reid at home is just that inexcusable

8) Todd Haley is, after all, available

7) Carl Peterson told them to, and as the last 10 years of the Chiefs have shown, what Carl wants is always the right idea

6) Never really believed that he needed those sunglasses

5) Sparano totally ruined that Suck For Luck campaign they had planned

4) Three straight losing seasons hasn't happened for this laundry since the 1960s, or 50 years before the current owner started paying attention

3) Management believes that firing the coach will magically make Matt Moore less ordinary

2) Have already pretend fired him so many times, there wasn't any fun left in it

1) Most people, including Sparano, are surprised to learn that he wasn't already fired

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