Monday, December 19, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the Mavericks are not getting their due

According to starting forward Shawn Marion, the Mavericks are being overlooked by the national media in their attempt to repeat as NBA champions. Why is the national media disrespecting the champions?

10) Reflex action to believe that any team from Dallas is actually a pure pretender

9) Still having a hard time believing that a team with a 87-year-old starting point guard could take home the hardware

8) Dirk's ex told them they won, and we all know how trustworthy she is

7) Once they lost J.J. Barea, there's no one around to provide spunk and get Andrew Bynum suspended

6) If your team brings in Vince Carter, that pretty much kills any residual joy from a title

5) When the NBA lockout happened and Marc Cuban somehow kept to the party silence line, the media had to exact a terrible vengeance

4) With Tyson Chandler now in New York, the team might set a new NBA record by having absolutely no blocked shots this year

3) It's to be expected, given how much better the Lakers are now, and how the Heat are just filled with guys you can count on in the crunch

2) As any knowledgeable NBA observer can tell you, this title was entirely the doing of DeShawn Stevenson, and he's gone now

1) The next NBA champion that feels that they have received enough respect will be the first... ever

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