Thursday, December 15, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the NBA allowed the Chris Paul to the Clippers trade

10) Unlike the Lakers deal, this ensures that Paul won't be going to a major market

9) Wanted to make Bill Simmons way too happy

8) Controlled experiment to ensure that both CP3 and Blake Griffin suffer career-ending injuries

7) Pretty sure that Paul will skip the team at the end of his contract, which means more exciting PR next summer

6) Kia called in one hell of a favor

5) After 30+ years of doing just enough to get revenue sharing checks, it's just so cute now that the Clips are actually trying to win games

4) Dan Gilbert said this trade was OK

3) After last week's cuckolding and media smackdown, even David Stern isn't so tone deaf as to cancel another deal

2) Paul didn't choose to go to the Clippers, which makes it all OK

1) At the end of the day, just can't say no to that lovable old teddy bear Donald Sterling


snd_dsgnr said...

Correct me if I'm wrong here, you'd know better than I would, but didn't the Hornets end up getting a better deal than what they would have gotten from the Lakers?

Gordon's pretty good, Aminu's got potential, and they got a potentially high draft pick in what's going to be a very solid draft class. Isn't that a decent haul?

DMtShooter said...

You're also forgetting Kamen, who has issues but is probably better than an average NBA center. That also allows Okafor to move to PF, where he does less damage.

As for the package, it's comparable; it really comes down to whether Gordon can stay healthy and interested in another middling franchise, and I personally think Lamar Odom is secretly fantastic, especially on defense. But in the final analysis, I go with my gut, which is that trades with the Clippers usually hurt both teams. Because, well, you can't dance with Donald Sterling without smelling like Donald Sterling. There's such balance in nature.

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