Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Why Mike Brown Thinks The Lakers Are Going To The Playoffs

Despite the team's shaky start, the departure of Lamar Odom, cloudy injury future for Kobe Bryant and the continuing horror that is a Derek Fisher / Steve Blake point guard platoon in the ultra-competitive West, the new Lakers head coach is certain that his team has the postseason in its future. What makes him so confident?

10) Has already seen the TNT playoff schedules

9) Knows that Phil Jackson really didn't do anything to get all of those rings

8) Understands that Kobe is at his best when he's out chasing tail

7) Thinks that Andrew Bynum will fix everything when he comes back from his suspension, and that once he's back, he's never going to get hurt or commit any more thuggings

6) Believes the team has only just started to scratch the surface of Josh McRoberts' talent

5) Is completely behind the Artest for World Peace trade

4) Hasn't been told that the Clippers got Chris Paul yet

3) Is counting on a big bounce-bank year from Troy Murphy, since lumbering white guys always come back well from injury and multiple teams giving up on them

2) Understands that the shortened sprint schedule has to help older teams with lots of playoff minutes

1) Refuses to believe that the Cavs got as far as they did despite, rather than because of, him

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