Sunday, January 15, 2012

Top 10 NFL Divisional Playoff Sunday Ad Questions

10) Do I have to roll my car to get attention from a Nationwide rep?

9) Are Honda buyers all about to go through life-shattering changes?

8) What do we, as Americans, have to do to stop further sequels to the discount double check ads?

7) Can I shop at Office Max without being accosted by damn dirty apes?

6) Why are the fast food eaters with explosive obesity in Subway's universe all outdoors and active?

5) How often do the elderly ping-pong grifters get to hustle for fast food, and why don't they play for money instead?

4) If I sign up for Verizon internet access, will I have to talk to my sexual predator neighbors?

3) Has anyone ever actually been made fun of in a business meeting for using a pen?

2) If you retire to chip golf balls into your pool, isn't that an iron-clad sign of senility?

1) Are Jeep drivers required to go places in winter that do not have roads, and if so, why?

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